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The family


The Family

English Cream Golden Retriever Montana
English Cream Golden Retrievers
English Cream Golden Retriever Montana


AKC Reg #: SR95272103

Hips- OFA Good

Heart- Normal

Eyes- Normal

Elbows- Normal



Kadie came to Ross Fork Retrievers from Mountain Springs Kennel near Cinebar, WA. After losing our previous Golden Retriever to cancer at age 9, we were very particular about what we were looking for in a breeder in terms of both temperament and health/longevity. Boy did we get what we were looking for with Kadie. She is an absolute beauty and an irreplaceable part of our family. When she’s not busy working as a therapy dog in Deanna’s counseling practice, Kadie enjoys accompanying our family on hikes & horseback rides and keeping the local gophers in line. She’s an excellent co-parent, tolerating lots of dress-up and other pretend games, chasing her tail to get a laugh, and even howling along with the kiddos when they cry.

English Cream Golden Retriever
English Cream Golden Retriever
English Cream Golden Retriever

JCH Bulgaria Amore Veritas Think Me Twice "Hit" (DAD)

AKC Registration #: SS07632501
Hips:   FCI A/A 
Heart- Normal
Eyes-  Clear
Elbows- FCI 0/0
ICT -Clear
PRA 1- Clear
PRA 2- Clear


Upon deciding to breed Kadie, we were very clear that we would not settle for anything less than the best possible mate in terms of temperament, health, & conformation. After extensive searching we found what we were looking for in ‘Hit.’ He is an imported Junior Champion of Russia with impressive lineage owned by Oregon Mist Goldens near Salem, OR. Aside from his loving and sweet disposition, Hit is strikingly beautiful with a gorgeous white coat and blocky build. Click here to view Hit's impressive pedigree.

English Cream Golden Retriever family dog


We are a family-run breeder of superior quality English Cream Golden Retrievers. We're not a kennel. In fact, our dogs rarely see the inside of a kennel. We just love English Cream Golden Retrievers. We've never had more than one litter at a time. Our dogs are members of our family. Kadie (mom) works as a therapy dog in Deanna's counseling practice. We live on a cattle ranch in central Montana & our dogs are part of our daily lives. They have acres upon acres to explore, creeks to swim in, kids to play with, and birds to chase. They're socially & intellectually stimulated & LOVED, LOVED, LOVED from day one. They bring us joy & we know they can do the same for you.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies, Girl

Expecting next litter July 2021!

Click here for puppy info

English Cream Golden Retrieve

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310 JRS Lane

Hobson, MT 59452

Tel: 406-853-8806

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